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Design is phenomenal; building relationships and immersing yourself in—and trying to piece together—a world filled with endless information. It is an open-ended medium where I can enjoy the process and craftsmanship as much as the outcome. As a creative, I am highly process-driven. I enjoy researching the entirety of a subject and narrowing in on moments that create interesting narratives. The idea of weaving a narrative drives my conceptualization for any project.

​Basically, I like to keep design interesting by conceptualizing with a twist. So that’s what I do.


A Houston-based designer, Tracy Ngo currently works for Lockton Dunning Benefits, a top series of the global insurance broker Lockton. She received her B.F.A. in Graphic Design from the UH School of Art. With an appreciation for the arts, Ngo designed materials for all visual and performing arts at her alma mater, as well as help defined the Office of Marketing and Communications at the Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts. In her previous role as the Senior Graphic Designer of University Marketing, Communication and Media Relations at the University of Houston, she helped design university-wide marketing materials for various campaigns. Her work has been showcased in local exhibitions, the UH magazine, Public Art of the University of Houston System, UH Jack J. Valenti School of Communication, Rice University, Blaffer Art Museum, Houston Shakespeare Festival, Dance Source Houston and more.

Ngo also makes time to give back to her local creative community. From a student volunteer in 2015 to joining the Board of Directors in 2018, Ngo stays active through her involvement with the non-profit, AIGA Houston. Over the years, she has planned, supported and executed AIGA initiatives by developing programming events, such as skill-building talks and workshops and more. She now serves as an officer for the Houston chapter as the current Operations Director, where she develops and maintains internal structures, strategies, policies, and protocols to help the board operate efficiently.

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