Mr. Teller's Traveling Tales


digital  /  spring 2015

This is an interactive storytelling app designed for kids to experience different storytelling methods. Led by a main character, users travel along to and participate in worlds of oral, auditory, performing, visual, and digital storytelling. Lively illustrations are used to appeal to a younger audience in support of this storytelling game app.

Mr. Teller's Traveling Tales

He's an egg. 
One well-traveled son of a chicken.


Welcome to Mr. Teller's Traveling Tales! Roll the main character, Mr. Teller, right up the hill to begin the storytelling game about a storytelling egg.


Mr. Teller is rolling into action.


When Mr. Teller rolls to the top of the hill, the app introduces the game's narrative. Text boxes slide in from the left as the story progresses.


Following the introduction, Mr. Teller prepares to travel to the five worlds of oral, auditory, performing, visual and digital storytelling.

By clicking the map icon, a description of each destination can be read. After deciding where to travel, correctly launch Mr. Teller to his destination with his Flying Frying Pan.


Mr. Teller travels and meets various people from each world. Through interactive games, Mr. Teller storytells his way in the unique medium of each world.

In The Stage world, use the device's camera to perform your best and match the game expressions. 3/5 correct plays makes your story believable to pass through the game.


From each interactive game, Mr. Teller's stories can be viewed when clicking the book icon at the bottom of the screen. Stories are organized by each world. Swipe left or right to read different stories. Next to each story, you can find screenshots of your game plays.