Surveyor of Self

illustration  /  digital  /  print  /  fall 2015

Under the global project FORTY FIVE SYMBOLS, Surveyor of Self is a visual language of forty-five illustrated symbols exploring a different approach to surveillance. The concept is driven by one’s conscious being the surveyor of self.

Your conscious is the surveyor of yourself.

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As human beings, we are immersed in the everyday data within our lives. Sometimes, it’s difficult to see a situation for what it is when you’re in it. When you remove yourself from your present being—whether that be the surroundings of your physical environment, your physical being, or emotional state of being—you disconnect yourself. Under your vision, everything falls under surveillance. You can begin to see things as they are. However, when you try to disconnect yourself, some form of you is still attached within everything. This attached form of you can be viewed as your conscious. Your conscious monitors and watches you from above.

These symbols are 45 subjective experiences that my own conscious has put under surveillance. Represented as an overseeing character, the conscious attempts to objectively survey above a situation or state of being. Although we perceive experiences differently, we have all tried taking a moment to step back and survey a situation. Through our conscious mind, we all fall under our own version of personal surveillance.

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